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Rustic chandeliers introduce a pastoral vibe to your space and encompass natural and old-world elements. Go get the popular rustic chandeliers on Claxy and enjoy free shipping.

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Rustic designs replicate the appeal of a mountain cabin or charming farmhouse. A blend of unfinished wood and antique metal, rustic pieces have personality and a warm aesthetic. Rustic chandeliers that are ideal for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Add a rustic lighting fixture to your space, and your room instantly goes from modern to shabby chic.

Few things are as beautiful as the natural elements invited into our favorite living spaces. Whether it’s a touch of twig or a full grain wooden ring, the uniquely tasteful styling of these rustic chandeliers easily enhances the mood of your home or business. Give your home down-to-earth charm with the creature comforts of rustic lighting. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse chandelier to hang in a grand entryway or a rustic fixture to place over your dining room table, there’s something so appealing about these eye-catching designs. The fixture provides just the ample amount of illumination while the style adds to the overall decor of your rooms. From the relaxing air of candles to boho inspired wood beaded fixtures, there’s so much to love about rustic lights.

With an emphasis on simplicity and naturalism, rustic chandeliers are crafted from wood and wrought iron, twigs and glass shade. Blending nature-inspired elements with traditional features, they make a welcoming addition to any room. With their timeless design, they lend a cozy flair to your space and effortlessly add vintage appeal and country charm to the environment. They are a welcoming addition to any room. Combining antique metals with warm wood, you will generate an ambiance akin to a quaint cabin in the woods. Complement your new fixture with warm colors like brown and beige , or use a cool palate with black, white and gray to encourage relaxation.

The visually alluring qualities of rustic wood chandeliers lend eye-catching appeal to the surrounding areas. They typically work well as the centerpiece of a room’s lighting system, in particular as the focal point of a grand foyer or a great room. These locations draw from the dramatic details of the design, creating a bit of a wow-factor for the overall look and feel of the room. They exude a carefree vibe that is enjoyed over a well-appointed dining table, casting light as well as conversation inspiration. Choose this timeless lighting style for your traditional home or as a key decor accent in your vacation home.

Rustic chandelier gives off a country vibe that has become quite popular over the last decade. You can pair such fixture in your kitchen with a farmhouse table and sink. In your dining room, you might also pair it with an antique wood finished table. A dark metal chandelier often provides a rustic look in addition to wood.

If you have a large amount of space that needs to be lighter, browse those that have more lights. If it is a small room or you do not need much light, then less lights are encouraged. Use the number of lights filter on the page to only browse rustic chandeliers with a certain number. Material is another part to rustic chandeliers. You will often see they are metal, iron, or wood.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking out your rustic chandelier, it is simply a matter of if you prefer shades or do not. You can play with the shade color of your rustic luminaries. You might match the dark iron look with a cream colored shade. Or you can find clear glass color shades with a wood look.

Combining distressed wood and antique metal, rustic pieces create a warm ambience in any space of your home. Whether your hang the chandeliers in the dining room, living room or entryway, they make a classy statement. Rustic wood oil rubbed bronze chandeliers introduce a modern chic touch to your home while the candelabra wooden fixtures convey a farmhouse look to the space.

The most popular rustic chandeliers is the candle option. This means the lights on the luminary are candles. Another is sputnik which is a perfect blend between rustic and modern. A few others include shaded, crystal, drum, or mini. Each have a distinct look to them so if you do not know what they look like be sure to use the filters on the page to see examples.

As you consider rustic fixtures, remember to choose a style that coordinates with the theme and mood of its location. Some rustic fixtures may be a fine fit just about anywhere, while others may be better suited for a particular decor scheme. No matter what kind of rustic luminaries you are looking for, you will find the perfect rustic lighting that complement your lighting design scheme and lifestyle from Claxy’s options of rustic fixtures. We will bring you well-curated selection of rustic chandeliers that are earthy, nostalgic and without pretense. Shop our selection of rustic lighting to reflect your style and inspire your home decor.