Rustic Chandeliers

Simple and natural-looking, these rustic chandeliers will offer a vintage look to your home interior. Claxy has several design options with free shipping!

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Rustic Chandelier Characteristics

With an emphasis on simplicity and naturalism, rustic chandeliers are crafted from wood and wrought iron, twigs and glass shade. Blending nature-inspired elements with traditional features, they make a welcoming addition to any room. With the chandeliers’ timeless design, they lend a cozy flair to your space and effortlessly add vintage appeal and country charm to the environment.

Combining distressed wood and antique metal, rustic pieces create a warm ambience in any space of your home. Whether you hang the chandeliers in the dining room, living room or in the entryway, they make a classy statement in your home. Rustic wood orb chandeliers introduce a modern chic touch to your home while the candelabra wooden chandeliers convey a farmhouse look to the space. Claxy provides many options of rustic chandeliers for you to complement your lighting selections with rustic decor. Start your shopping for the rustic chandelier you like NOW.