Plug in Wall Lights

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Plug-in wall lights are designed to utilize existing wall sockets so you can place the light where you need it, or move it to a different spot with ease. They bring a refined look into your home without having to hire an electrician or special DIY skills.

Also known as pin-up wall lights, plug-in wall light are a highly versatile lighting option for modern interiors. The biggest advantage over hardwired wall sconces is that plug-in wall lights are super easy to install. This plug-and-play style is easy to set up and makes updating your wall lighting a simple process.

While useful in any home, they are particularly ideal in an apartment/rental, both for its easy transfer and minimal wall damage. Use in the bedroom (especially flanking the bed) or hallway or to illuminate a reading area in the living room. In the bedroom, you’ll love the ease of an adjustable plug-in wall lamp to conveniently act as reading light wherever you would like to sit and catch up on your favorite book. Likewise, in the living room, swing arm plug-in sconces can find their home next to the sofa, providing convenient task-oriented illumination or acting as a source of general, ambient light. In any room you choose to plug-in your wall lights, as soon as you want to position the wall lamp somewhere else, simply unplug it and move it to its new destination. No matter where you choose to place your new plug-in sconce, the versatility of these fixtures is unmatched.