Plug in Wall Lights

Plug-in wall lights introduce an elevated, polished aesthetic to any space. Come to and find the perfect plug-in wall lights and enjoy free shipping.

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What are Plug-in Wall Lights

Plug-in wall lights enable you to utilize existing wall sockets so you can place the light where you need it, or move it to a different spot with ease. Plug-in wall lights bring a refined look into your home without having to hire an electrician or special DIY skills.

Also known as pin-up wall lights, plug-in wall lights are a highly versatile lighting option for modern interiors. The biggest advantage over hardwired wall sconces is that plug-in wall lights are super easy to install. This plug-and-play style is easy to set up and makes updating your wall lighting a simple process.

Versatility of Plug-in Wall Lights

Plug in wall sconces give you the freedom to upgrade your lighting without requiring a major remodeling overhaul. If you decide to remove your sconce from your wall, you should patch and paint over the holes where you installed it. If you tend to move frequently, plug-in sconces give you an easy way to at least keep your lighting consistent. With so many sconce options, make use of your extra electrical outlets to give your indoor lighting some extra juice.

Plug in wall sconces are a portable and convenient way to add wall lighting fixtures to your home. All you have to do is to find a power outlet, mount the fixture on the wall and plug the fixture in. Perfect for specific work areas such as sitting room, den, office and reading nook, it is a preferred choice.

Plug-in wall lights combine convenience and visual appeal to bring the beauty of contemporary wall sconces into any space without the hassle of hard-wiring or complicated installation. The most popular plug-in sconces feature long cords, adjustable arms, and lightweight construction. Top models are UL Listed and those that are damp or wet rated are ideal for use in bathrooms, saunas, and even partially covered outdoor spaces.

Plug-in wall sconces offer modern features like solid backplates, lightweight construction, incandescent lamping. While there are many finishes to choose from, some popular choices include neutrals like brass, semigloss black, and gray. Most options are available in large and small sizes, and some plug-in wall sconces feature optical dimmer switch controls, and varying color temperatures.

How to Choose a Right Plug-in Wall Light

Picking out the right modern plug-in wall sconce means understanding the vast array of choices available. From contemporary to mid-century modern, there must be a modern plug-in wall sconce that fits nicely in your decor. Wall sconces with dimmer compatibility serve as an easy way to customize illumination in hallways, foyers, and dining rooms. Adjustable wall sconces are ideal choice for bedside table and models with flexible arms are great for reading in bed or any other activity that requires focused task lighting.

Choosing the perfect plug-in wall sconces requires consideration of the fixture’s design elements, size and bulb requirement. To fit the sconce in your existing decor, select the colors and finishes that match the rest of the room. Once you know where your plug-in wall light will be positioned (for the time being anyway), you can find the ideal size by reviewing the fixture’s depth, width and height measurements to make sure it will properly accommodate your room. Check the dimensions of the product and you should figure out its required bulb so you should prepare at installation.

Where We Should Hang Plug-in Wall Lights

While useful in any home, plug-in wall sconces are ideal in apartments/rentals, for its easy transfer and minimal wall damage. They may be your most illuminating option for shedding extra light. These lighting options also work well if you are renting and want to express your personal decorative flair. You don’t have to make permanent changes to the interior of your landlord’s property. Use in the bedroom (especially flanking the bed) or hallway or to illuminate a reading area in the living room. In the bedroom, you’ll love the ease of an adjustable plug-in wall sconce to conveniently act as reading light wherever you would like to sit and catch up on your favorite book.

Likewise, in the living room, swing arm plug-in wall sconces can find their home next to the sofa, providing convenient task-oriented illumination or acting as a source of general, ambient light. In any room you choose to plug-in your wall sconces, as soon as you want to position the wall lamp somewhere else, simply unplug it and move it to its new destination. No matter where you choose to place your new plug-in sconce, the versatility of these fixtures is unmatched.

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