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Pendant lights establish a graceful vibe to your home and instantly make it aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to pick the perfect pendant lights for your home on claxy.

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Buy Best Pendant Light For Sale: Pendant lights are common household lamps that mount to the ceiling and can be used as both indoor and outdoor lighting. Unlike flush-mounted lights that stay close to the ceiling, these hanging light fixtures dangle a downward-pointing light from a cord or chain.

The pendant lamps are diffused by a shade or, in instances of post-modern styles, like Edison bulbs, glows outward horizontally. To create a spotlight effect, you can choose a drum-like shade in an opaque or heavy material, like painted brass.

Details About Our Best Pendant Light For Sale

  • Brand: Claxy
  • Style: Inverted Pendant Ceiling Lights, Down Pendants, Island Pendant Lighting, Multi Light Pendant, Shaded, Chandeliers Pendant Light
  • Types: Globe Pendant Light, Drum Pendant Lighting, Bowl Pendant Light, Exposed Bulb Pendant Light, Multiple Pendant Lighting Fixtures, Mini Pendant Lighting, Abstract Pendant Lamps.
  • Pendant Light Shade Material: Glass, Metal, Plastic, Fabric, Wood, Shell, etc.
  • Pendant Light Base and Parts Material: Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, Crystal, Glass, etc
  • Width: Add the length and width of the room together – if your room is 4.5m long by 3m wide, add those two numbers up you get 7.5m. Divide that number by 12 and you get your ideal pendant width – in this case 0.625m, ie approx 63cm wide.
  • Height: Measure the height of your room and multiply it by 3 – if your room is 3m high, multiply it by 3 you get 9m. Divide that number by 12 and you’ll find your ideal pendant height – in this case 0.75m, ie approx 75cm high.

The space between the pendant base and your floor aka the clearance varies in different rooms. Some general rules of thumb are:

Living Rooms, Hallways, And Bedrooms

Where people may be walking underneath, allow for 2.13m of clearance from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. (If the hanging light bulb is going above your bed, you may hang it a little lower. Don’t go too low, you don’t want to accidentally bump your head.)


Spotlights are usually the best solution here, but if you do want a hanging pendant, keep 2.44m between the top of your tub and the bottom of the fixture and avoid hanging it directly over the bath itself. Pendant light fixtures should be hung on either side of a mirror and be spaced 30 to 36 inches apart.

Dining Table

A series of hanging lamps over a dining table arranged in a row creates a stand-out look. Allow a space of 71 to 91 cm from the bottom of the pendants to the top of the table surface.

Kitchen Island

Ensure you space your hanging lamps equally to distribute light evenly. Be sure to hang them at a height where you won’t constantly be knocking your head against them when you’re cooking up a storm.

Entrance Hall

In hallways, hang pendant lamps at least 15cm higher than the top of your front door.

Hanging drop lights may have different styles of shades. Look for globe pendant light fixtures, lantern drop lights, and dome pendant lamps, mason jar hanging pendant lights or Moravian star hanging pendant lights. Usually, you control these decorative hanging ceiling lights from a wall switch at an easy-to-reach level. Hanging ceiling lights can make a great addition to a room where you already have a flush light fixture if you would like additional lighting for a specific area.

Hanging ceiling lights are eye-catching centerpieces for you to install to your ceiling and provide overhead lighting for indoor space. They’re hard-wired into your ceiling for a semi-permanent lighting solution. They are known for their modern drama. Although they’re considered essential in a contemporary kitchen area with an island or bar, hanging lamp shades look amazing over dining tables and as statement lamps in a living room too.

Glass pendant lamps for kitchen island is oftentimes in the form of multi-light hanging lamps that hang down from the ceiling and offer a beautiful display of glass and metal suspended above the kitchen island. You could also install mini hanging pendant lights from your ceiling. The space you have depends on how many hanging led light fixtures you install. If you have a lot of room, you could buy three mini drop lights and install them separate distances apart. Drum pendant lighting looks like a drum without the stand. These are popular overlooking kitchen tables. A foyer pendant light works nicely in a hallway or entryway.

Unique pendant light fixtures can fall into a range of styles. No two homes are the same. You can purchase a modern pendant light in your kitchen that portrays that feel. If you have a more rustic kitchen, glass pendant lights with a bronze finish might be best for you. Crystal pendant lighting fixtures casts a beautiful design to the room in which you decide to install it. A crystal pendant can glam up your kitchen, dining room, or foyer. For a room that would benefit from lots of light consider the use of 3 light pendants.

The right pendant light is more than just a way of illumination and also a decorative piece of art that enhances your existing decor and add glam accent to indoor spaces. They offer unmatched diversity ranging from understated single pendant versions as well as multi-light pendants. Regardless of your decor style, you can find a contemporary pendant that suits your space – from whimsical and fun styles to those with clean lines. They serve to enhance the aesthetics of your home and add stylish zest to space. There is something we should do before we make a purchase for a pendant light. Please keep in mind the width of the pendant light so as to get the pendant proportion right.

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