Industrial Pendant Lighting

Stemming from raw material of factory and warehouse, industrial pendant lighting is a attractive addition. Find your favorite industrial pendants and enjoy free shipping on claxy.

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Materials of Industrial Pendants

Industrial pendant lighting employs the use of raw wood, metal, rope and glass that may have been used in a factory or industrial setting, giving the space an instant urban appeal. It is a great way to infuse a functional vibe to any room and serve as an inviting focal point. Industrial pendants can be blended in dining areas, entryways, kitchens and also commercial areas such as offices, and conference rooms.

Featuring exposed Edison bulbs or classic finishes like brass, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel, industrial pendant lighting brings a comforting look to the space with deep roots in nostalgia. Crafted from rough materials and metals, it relieves modern tensions in big cities by connecting us to the past. Its vintage looks always remind us of the old world. Whether hung alone or clustered together, it makes a signature statement in the room and showcases your refined taste.

Why We Love Industrial Pendants 

Aside from the obvious reason that pendant lighting brightens interior spaces, industrial pendant is a favorite because of its versatility and the wide range of available finishes, shades, and installation options. Large, single pendants make a bold statement and common areas or larger spaces. Multi-light pendants beautifully illuminate formal dining rooms and serve as a welcome alternative to traditional chandeliers. Place single pendants in varying heights and sizes for a more dramatic contemporary look.

Incorporating the industrial style of 19th and early 20th century factory lights, industrial pendants add timeless charm to contemporary spaces. Featuring hallmarks like exposed Edison bulbs or classic finishes like aged brass, old bronze, and brushed nickel, they are steeped in Americana and will enhance your home with rustic charm.

Industrial Pendants Are Actually Versatile

Whether standing alone, clustered together, or arranged in a row, industrial pendants is often the ideal overhead lighting solution. They’re a popular alternative to traditional chandeliers over a dining room, in a foyer or entryway, and over a kitchen island to act as task lighting in food preparation. Lighting from overhead allows you to save space on a countertop or table. They also add a signature statement that shows off your room’s personality.

Introduce industrial good looks into your home’s decor with this selection of well-chosen pendant lighting. Industrial-themed design has been a popular decorating style as these pendants can help to bring your home’s look full circle. Once a light fixture for warehouses and gymnasiums, you can now add them to kitchens, living rooms and other areas. Consider industrial pendant lights for your next lighting makeover.

Most believe this style of hanging light is suitable for commercial locations like large restaurant kitchens, warehouses or gyms. In fact, these fixtures have no problem fitting in quite nicely in residential spaces. Kitchens are an ideal choice to place these fixtures and you’ll enjoy stringing together industrial mini pendants above your island. The dining room, usually befitted with a grand chandelier, can also be a home for a large industrial pendant. Offices are also a right place for these lamps, especially in conjunction with table lamps and sconces. If you need to add illumination to your commercial spot, they are a go-to choice for interior designers looking to capture urban industrial aesthetic.

Choose a Right Industrial Pendant To Create Your Desirable Look

For a look with playful flair, choose an industrial pendant with openwork suspensions made of coated steel with bowl shades. For a more refined look, find industrial pendant lights in lustrous metal finishes like aged brass, satin nickel, and ORB. Looking to an ultramodern yet industrial look, choose a pendant with a blown glass shade that exposes the interior bulb and hangs from a sturdy adjustable wrought iron chain. To achieve a utilitarian feel, select a modern pendant with a matte finish and rugged detailing like a concrete shade.

When choosing an industrial pendant, it’s important to consider the ceiling height and slope of the space. For spaces with vaulted ceilings, it is more advantageous to choose an industrial pendants designed for this purpose. For smaller spaces, choose a space-saving single pendant light or linear suspension that matches the scale of the space.

Add a touch of beautiful grit to your next kitchen or dining room and elevate a space with chic simplicity with any of these unique industrial-style pendants. Claxy is home to a wide selection for industrial pendant lighting. Visit our site and purchase the industrial pendants in line with your aesthetic.