Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Each flush mount ceiling light on Claxy is stylish & functional. Be it a small stairway or a cozy bedroom, they are the perfect lighting solutions for your house.

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A flush mount is a type of lighting fixture that fits around a ceiling bulb flush to the ceiling without any gaps or holes. These fixtures are typically dome or drum-shaped and fit around the light on the ceiling. Being used to illuminate small areas in the past, flush mount ceiling lights can be found everywhere now and perfectly complement your existing décor and design scheme.

Popular flush mount fixtures are available in a variety of finishes, ensuring that whichever one you choose will perfectly complement your furniture and accessories. Some of the most modern finishes include brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. Each type of finish has a unique color and will give your home a certain aesthetic.

With so many choices, you may still have no clue about how to select the best flush mount fixture for your space. First, you should consider where you intend to hang the ceiling light. For entryways, living rooms or dining areas, a chandelier-style flush mount adds a touch of sophistication. For utility lighting for small areas, a simpler globe shade flush mount is ideal.

For small spaces or rooms with low ceilings, flush mount ceiling lights are the perfect lighting solution. Due to their being mounted flush against the ceiling, these modern ceiling lights feature low-profiles that keep spaces feeling open and spacious. These light fixtures are perfect for use in hallways as these spaces are often narrow and possess low ceilings.