Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights offer the right combination of appearance and utility. Don't feel hesitant to get the flush mount ceiling lights that match your home decor on claxy.com.

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What Is a Flush-mount Ceiling Light?

A flush mount is a type of lighting fixture that fits around a ceiling bulb flush to the ceiling without any gaps or holes. These fixtures are typically dome or drum shaped and fit around the light on the ceiling. Being used to illuminate small areas in the past, flush mount ceiling lights can be found everywhere now and perfectly complement your existing decor and design scheme.

For small spaces and high-traffic areas, flush mount lighting is a great option. These versatile flush mounts sit close to the ceiling to maximize your living space while still providing ample overhead lighting. They feature a flat base that sits flush against the ceiling. This allows them to be used throughout the home, even in rooms with low ceilings. Though all flush mounts have a smooth base, the lights in this category vary greatly in style, color and materials used. With so many design options to choose from, these ceiling lights can fit in decoratively with traditional rooms, modern spaces and everything in between.

Due to the fixtures’ being mounted flush against the ceiling, these ceiling lights feature low-profiles that keep spaces feeling open and spacious. These light fixtures are perfect for use in hallways as these spaces are often narrow and possess low ceilings. Installing new flush mounts in your home can be a great way to finish off a redecorating project or to just update your overall lighting scheme. Flush mounts can come in various options, from basic styles to trending newer looks, depending on your personal style choices and the overall decor in your home.

Where Do Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Look Best?

Flush mount ceiling lights can grace your foyer, add character in your bedroom, or set the tone in your walk-in closet, creating a lasting impression. With an ever-expanding array of fixtures that work for transitional, contemporary or modern settings, you’ll easily be able to tailor your selection to the unique needs and requirements of your home. Apart from style and the material you choose, you may also want to consider factors such as the direction of your lights, diffusion opaque versus clear shades, size, the output of light, and more.

To make a statement with flush mounts, a classy looking flush mount can bring some class to your home without stealing the show. Fixtures with crystal, shine, or an ornate look doesn’t need to be big to look nice. Smaller lighting fixtures can still look great in the home. If you are updating your entire lighting scheme, having multiple flush mounts that match can bring your entire decorating scheme together. Opting for smaller, more subdued styles will still look nice in various areas of your home and won’t overshadow other decor.

Decorate Your Rooms With Claxy’s Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Changing up your light fixtures can be a fun way to keep your decor fresh. Industrial or vintage looking styles are popular trends these days. Opting for these types of fixtures from Claxy will make your home’s overall decor have a more modern feel. If you are renovating your home, don’t forget about details such as light fixtures and flush mounts. Overhead lighting can make all of the difference in the home. Light fixtures can bring your home’s overall decor together by matching fixtures throughout.

If you’re not sure where to start, look for areas that need a bit of brightening. Think an elaborate fixture in the formal dining room, or another with a classic metallic base for the breakfast nook. In the master suite, opt for a more understated flush mount that complements existing bedding patterns and colors, as well as the decor. To create a multifunctional gathering place in the home bar, situate backless bar stools on one side of the countertop—making it easy for friends and family to mingle during happy hour. Then, add two or three low-hanging pendant lights from above. Looking for more ideas? Add a flush mount to the bathroom or position one over an office desk, too.

Popular flush mount fixtures on claxy.com are available in a variety of finishes, ensuring that whichever one you choose will perfectly complement your furniture and accessories. Some of the most modern finishes include brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. Each type of finish has a unique color and will give your home a certain aesthetic. Select your favorite flush-mounts from Claxy’s collection and create a stunning centerpiece in any space within your home.