Floor Lamps

Buy floor lamps that are a perfect ambient lighting solution for those cozy corners in your home. Claxy offers a versatile range of floor lamps with free shipping.

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Floor lamps emit radiant light and can help to brighten up your living room or home office. You can quickly add light to your home with a conveniently placed floor lamp, which comes in all textures and sizes. If you are having trouble lighting up a specific area in your living room or bedroom, they can help light up hard-to-reach places. Some of them come with a light half-way up the neck, which can be used independently as an additional reading light. They also have free-standing designs that make them highly versatile, allowing you to move and rearrange any time you want. They’re made in a variety of styles to suit an array of lighting needs.

Floor lamps are often used for task lighting such as for placing beside a couch or sofa to provide reading lighting, to light up a coffee table or desk, or simply a light source to go along with watching television. However, they can also serve as a form of ambient lighting to provide a warm atmosphere when used as the only light source in the room.

Floor lamps look great in your living room next to your couch, end tables or chairs. You want to make sure that you choose the right height for your floor lamp, in order to get the best lighting. Make sure that your light fixture is tall enough so you and your guests aren’t impacted by the glare of the light bulb. If you would like your lighting to lean about your chair or couch, then an arc floor lamp would be a great lighting solution.