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Drum chandeliers give your home a stylish vibe and provide bold decorative elements. Browse Claxy’s selection of drum chandeliers and enjoy the best price.

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Named after the chandelier’s signature drum shade, drum chandeliers establish a contemporary flair to any room of your space. Gracefully brightening the space, they create an inviting ambiance in the environment. Being versatile in nature, they blend seamlessly into a myriad of decor schemes. They exude soft rays of light throughout your home, adding subtle sophistication to the space. Introducing a country-casual feel to the space, they are welcoming addition to any room in your home. They lend warmth and refinement to your home with their refreshing and stylish appearance.

The key to choosing the right drum chandeliers begins with research. The size of the chandelier’s shade is critically important, as this will affect the overall look of the room where you install the fixture. While it may seem intuitive to install a smaller luminary in a small room, a slightly larger version can help create the illusion of a grander room. Long, narrow spaces like formal dining areas and corridors look outstanding with multiple, evenly spaced drum chandeliers. When looking for a new drum fixture, be mindful of common sizing dimensions like diameter (of the shade), height and suspension length. How far the drum light will suspend from the base of the ceiling is especially important when it is installed over kitchen or dining tables.

Choosing the right size of drum chandelier is quite similar to the way of picking a chandelier. To figure out your chandelier width, measure the length of the room. Next, measure the width. The length of the room plus the width in feet equals the most appropriate chandelier width in inches. If you room is 16 feet long by 14 feet wide, add those two numbers up you get 30 feet.

Turn the measurement into inches, you get 30 inches. That’s a good approximation of how wide the fixture should be. For a small room, consider a chandelier size that is 13 to 22 inches wide. If you have a medium-size room, select a chandelier that is 23 to 30 inches wide. And if you have a large room, look for a chandelier that is 31 inches wide or larger. In a wide, open room, illuminate the space by adding multiple drum chandeliers or one large drum chandelier. In smaller, more compact spaces, add a mini drum chandelier.

Traditional drum chandeliers consist of a light hanging on a chain or a stem with a drum shaped shade; sometimes considered such chandeliers. Lighting designers have expanded on the traditional fixture to build creative designs that fit any style. Modern inspired designs include sculptural elements above and below the shade as well as reinterpretations of the shade itself. Industrial designed drum chandeliers will feature a lot less ornamentation, and often celebrate the structural components of the fixture itself; leaving just the frame of the shade is one example. Each drum is an opportunity to play up the look of your space while incorporating ambient lighting to set the tone of your home.

Prefer vintage themes and traditional good looks? Try a glamorous drum light constructed with flowing arms, softly curved scrolling arms, or a drum light with crystals. Prefer transitional designs? Display a polished nickel drum fixture with a geometric pattern, glass diffuser, and crisp linen shade. Perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, and living rooms alike, drum chandeliers provide ambience as well as statement-making style. Whether you’re searching for a contemporary drum shade fixture with intricate texture or a modern drum shade fixture with a two-tone finish, our fixtures range from subtle to bold and everything in between.

Drum chandelier creates an instant focal point that doesn’t detract from existing furniture and decorative accessories and provides a good mix of ambient and task lighting. Offered in small and large sizes along with a stunning array of shade colors, there’s sure to be a chandelier that ties your space together. They add a touch of refinement to any space thanks to their understated circular silhouette and top and bottom shades that evenly disperse light. Perfect for grand foyers, entryways, and corridors, they come in a diversity range of sizes, drop heights, and finishes, making it easy to find one that matches your unique style.

When shopping for a drum chandelier, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Some fixtures require special wiring or accessories for safe installation, so it’s important to make sure the chandelier you choose is compatible with your existing wiring. Also, be mindful of the bulb type and they type of lighting it is designed to provide. For dining areas, look for chandeliers that support bulbs that emit softer ambient lighting.

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