Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining room chandeliers provide right glow for relaxed eating and happy conversation. Find your right dining room chandelier and enjoy our free shipping.

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Finding the Right-Sized Chandelier

Historically, the dining room has been a room where friends and family gather for a formal dining occasion. These days, the dining room performs multiple functions, as it can be used for entertainment, eating with family members or friends, getting deskwork done and so much more. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the luxury and modern appeal of well-designed lighting throughout your home. A stylish chandelier not only illuminates the dining room but also serve as a perfect centerpiece above the table.

To determine the size of a dining-room chandelier, first measure the length of and the width of your dining room. Then add the two numbers together to get the most appropriate chandelier width, in inches. A chandelier above the dining table should be 12 inches narrower than a table, 30 to 36 inches above the table top and at least 48 inches away from each of the walls or edges. Choose a larger one if you have vaulted ceilings, and a smaller piece if you have lower ceilings.

A Chandelier That Suits Your Lighting Needs

When it comes to selecting a chandelier for your dining room, take into account the design and materials of the room’s decor and all of your lighting needs. If your dining room is finely decorated, opt for those with eye-catching embellishments such as dazzling crystal garland strands. A chandelier that goes well with the overall design aesthetics of your home decor will best showcase your refined taste. A single-bulb fixture may be all you need to brighten up a cozy nook in the dining room. To light a larger area, look for the fixtures that feature multiple bulbs or reflects light in many different directions. Choose a chandelier with a dimmer to have full control over the mood and ambience.

The Right Chandelier Finish for Your Dining Room

For more casual or unique spaces, your choice of finish may have the greatest impact. Sleek and shiny chrome and polished nickel finishes will fit best in minimalist and modern rooms, as they impart a clean, sparkling aesthetic. Bronze dining room chandeliers will blend seamlessly with more traditional or rustic decor. Materials like wood or rope will tie together nautical or bohemian-themed looks. Trendy mixed finishes highlight the best of both worlds—they make it simple to mix and match furniture or decor updates with existing lighting fixtures.

Opt for a Shape That Complements Your Dining Table

In coordinating your dining table and chandelier, it’s important to choose complementary shapes. A round or even square dining table might look best beneath a round dining room light fixture. Rectangular dining room chandeliers are better for long, rectangular tables. If you have a rectangular table but want to use contrasting shapes in your fixture, suspending two or three small ones over your table instead of a single fixture is a chic and inspired way to create texture in a room. Conversely, large chandeliers always make a grand statement and can lend a timeless elegance to a space over a long dining table.

The Chandelier and the Room’s Decor

No matter what type of piece you choose, it should fit in with the furnishings and decorations you already have. Take in the room as a whole—the perfect chandelier is the one that ties it all together effortlessly. A vibrant bronze fixture, for instance, will clash with decor decked out in warm hues. Similarly, a stripped-down industrial fixture can create confusion in a dining room inspired by classic Victorian sensibilities. Paint a vintage chandelier or change out the shades to make it match your space. Create an unconventional chandelier by installing string lights in Mason jars or wine bottles.

Offset Other Light Sources.

If the chandelier is going to serve as a primary source of illumination, it should go as close to the center of the room as you can get it. Find sensible spacing between individual lights so that no part of the room is either too bright or too dark. If you’re using a lighted fixture, turn off some of the surrounding lights so they don’t end up competing. Chandeliers comprised of lots of small crystal or glass pieces serve to diffuse light with a sparkling effect. It means they often don’t even need an integrated light source.

No matter what kind of dining room luminaries you are looking for, you will find the perfect light fixture that complement your lighting design scheme and lifestyle from Claxy’s options of dining room fixtures. Check out the sleek and stunning dining room chandeliers from claxy.com and bring a classy and timeless look to your dining room.