Every person across the globe heartily wishes for their home to stand out from the rest. Whether you need to carry out some work or you’re looking to spend a relaxed evening of pampering and de-stressing. The living room is your go-to place.

Lighting can significantly transform the look and feel of an area. To establish an attractive home, it is imperative the house is well-lit to set the tone of your living space. In addition, it undoubtedly helps in defining the perceived size of the room or an area or the living room in this context.

However, it is also believed that the more you have natural light seeping in the living room, the wider the space will appear as natural light fosters an aesthetic illusion of space and when done right, lighting can open up your space. We all want a living room that allows you to feel fresh in the lovely mornings and instantly relaxed in the pleasant evenings, but the fundamental question is – How to realistically achieve this?

The answer lies in the familiar word – Ambiance.
And this is created by playing around with the decorative lighting of the living room area. A successful lighting design is the ideal combination of several light sources at various levels (eye level & height of the walls) of the living room.

It is considered good to add layers of lighting by installing fixtures chosen from a wide array that can be used jointly (mixed with other lighting fixtures) or separately (stand-alone).

Whether you choose to install a modern pendant, a table lamp or a chandelier, a striking light fixture is all you need to brighten up that neglected corner in your living room or your favourite place to curl up cozily with a book. Use the chosen lighting fixture like a table lamp as it reflects the luminous rays downward to create a focal point that blends in smoothly with minimalistic décor whilst adding a modern touch. Install a dimmer switch to be able to create the ambiance as per your mood.

To ensure there is no dazzling glare on the TV screen placed in your living room area, installing fixtures flanking on both sides of the TV is the key. Moreover, if you have a fireplace, it is excellent when the similar tip of flanking wall sconces on both sides of the fireplace is applied which would elevate your décor whilst exuding brilliant illumination throughout the space.

We at Claxy believe that any Living room would require various luminous sources especially if it’s lacking natural light. Using multiple layers of lighting with dimmable light controls (i.e. dimmable switches and dimmable bulbs) would enliven your living room area.