Bedroom – the most private place in your living space.

After a tiring day at work, you would want to come home to be comfortable and rejuvenate. Your bedroom should feel like a peaceful haven of relaxation; a place that calms, comforts, and cheers you up.

But, bedrooms aren’t merely for sleeping anymore, it is has become one of the most versatile rooms in the house and is used for various other activities, a nook for either binge-watching a web series or to read, hanging out, or even do office work. A mix of bedroom lighting fixtures is required to provide the proper mixture of ambiance and desired functionality without compromising on the style quotient.

When installed in a proper balance, all types of lighting can come together to establish a lovely and comfortable space which is your bedroom.

The best bedroom lighting – the key decision of which fixtures to choose traditionally depends on certain criteria, which are:

Ceiling Height

Does your bedroom support lofty ceilings or low ceilings?

If you have a lofty ceiling then a bedroom lighting fixture like a Curvy chandelier could be chosen to be installed in your bedroom to create a softer silhouette. Whereas if you have a lower ceiling, flush mount ceiling lighting fixtures are the contemporary preference where the light stays directly against the ceiling. Installation of flush mount lighting fixtures with LED lights is also considered a great option. These LED bulbs provide the right illumination and are energy-efficient too which means they don’t require replacement very often. A mix and match of different lights is what you should aim for, to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. Furthermore, you could install bedroom lighting fixtures to match or coordinate with other elements in your bedroom like the geometric elements.


Furniture Style

The current décor theme and the furniture choice also play a vital role in deciding which lighting fixture should you choose to be installed in your bedroom.
For instance – if the furniture in your bedroom is low and closer to the ground then a lighting fixture like a low hanging pendant light would add a spatial dimension and extra height to the room visually.

If you have a small bedroom and have a bed with a big cushioned headboard, you could try to hang a lighting fixture which is suspended by thin wires. These fixtures seem to disappear making your bedroom aesthetically pleasing and focus on the functionality to provide the right illumination needed in the bedroom.


Color Tones

The bedroom lighting fixtures chosen to be installed doesn’t necessarily have to be of the exact color to match with the color tone of the walls or the décor of your bedroom. They could be from the color palette/family of the décor theme to bring the space together as one. If you have picked up a unique and dramatic bedroom lighting fixture then you could try to keep the rest of your bedroom neutral in terms of colors of the wall as well as the other lighting fixtures if installed in your bedroom.


Utilize the Space

Installation of lighting fixtures like a hanging pendant light in your bedroom is considered a better choice than placing bedside lamps on bedside tables. The idea is to utilize more wall area than the floor space to make your bedroom look more spacious while well-lit.

You could also try to diversify the types of hanging lighting fixtures as per the functionality to be installed at different height measurements.
For instance – a pendant fixture with three lights would be an excellent fit. The lower bulbs can provide ample bedside light for various specific tasks like reading whereas the upper bulbs provide the ambient room lighting to create a nice ambiance for sleeping, relaxing, resting, etc.

The proper mix of lighting fixtures installed can brilliantly illuminate significant places in your bedroom. The best lights to ensure that your bedroom is radiantly aglow are:

  • Lighting fixtures like Wall lamps, pendants or wall sconces can be used to allow the desired light as per the required activity in your bedroom.
  • Pendant lights can include a tremendous splash in your bedroom, hanging down from the ceiling on a chain or a long rod.
  • Tape light and recessed lights are great options to add visual embellishment to your décor. They also look nice when placed around the wardrobes in your bedroom.
  • The most preferred bedroom lighting fixtures are the ones where the light bulbs are covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover.

A bedroom is a key area in your home that invariably presents unique opportunities to craft creative looks that embody your personal sense of distinctive style. No matter how unique your sense of style, a mix of lighting fixtures chosen from Claxy’s extensive collection will help you to add a sophisticated and romantic element to your bedroom.