Chandeliers – installing them is one of the easiest ways to revamp your décor without a complete makeover. Presently, Chandeliers are available in varying hanging heights, shade styles and illumination levels that one just can’t resist buying for their own spaces. However, if we look back, historically they have been a status symbol and were only exclusive to the royalty and the higher classes.

By definition, Chandeliers are large decorative light fixtures, commonly known by other names like Girandole, Candelabra lamp and least commonly suspended lights. Ordinarily, Chandeliers can hold multiple candles (in medieval times) or bulbs and are hung from ceilings.

The word ‘Chandelier’ is borrowed from the Modern French word ‘Chandelle’, which has its origins from the Latin word ‘Candēla’ meaning ‘candlestick’. The first Chandeliers evolved from Candelabra were originally wooden cross-sections that held candles during the Middle Ages. The original source of light in the 18th century was the candles which remained in use until the invention of gas lights and electric lights.

Did you know?

Many authentic chandeliers from the Middle Ages were destroyed in the reformation movements of the 1500s. However, a few of them were restored and can still be found hanging in churches. Another fun fact is that of all the most famous chandeliers, one named the ‘Reflective Flow’ stands 19 feet tall, measures 41 feet in width and weighs 39,683 lb, can be found hanging in the atrium of an office building of the Al Hitmi Group in Qatar. Another world-famous chandelier that weighs close to 4,000 lb and holds 750 lamps, a present from Queen Victoria is the one gracing the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Chandeliers are typically used for luminescence while decorating the space and also to add a feeling of luxury. Earlier incandescent light bulbs were used but now modern chandeliers have fluorescent bulbs and recently Chandeliers with LEDs have been introduced.

The charisma and sheer exuberance of a chandelier can transform a space. So, why save all the fun for the formal dining room or living rooms only? From spaces like bedrooms, entryways, porches to even the bath, nowadays there’s a place for a chandelier in every room of your home.


One of the best things about modern chandeliers is the numerous choices available. In the present times, chandeliers can brighten up some of the most unexpected spaces in your home of just about every size and style. No matter your style or design or color theme, there’s a chandelier that will suit your needs.



Subtle candle chandeliers are absolutely fine for a living space bringing rustic modern and relaxed mid-century aesthetics to life with exuding softness and power at the same time complementing with brilliant table lamps placed on either side of the couch.



Chandelier light fixtures in dining rooms create an ambiance to set the desired mood, whether romantic or casual. For intimate dinners with your partner or for casual dinners with family & friends, a chandelier can unquestionably be the centerpiece of the dining room.



Transform the bedroom from a place of slumber to your favourite room of the house with a simple yet eye-catching and strikingly designed Geometric chandelier. Fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs will help to make the room feel more intimate.



A unique chandelier in your entryway is considered a style statement while also providing an ample amount of illumination. A chandelier in the very entry of your house will definitely make a statement to your guests!



The bathroom area is usually the last room decorators, interior designers and even homeowners worry about, but that’s definitely a flawed strategy. The classic mid-century inspired candelabra bulbs paired with such innovation and creativity results in a timeless yet bold chandelier, a fixture that will complement an extensive range of interior styles.



Lastly, up your lighting game with an exterior chandelier, once lit, this chandelier emits a stunning glow to create a soothing atmosphere which will be a striking addition to your porch area when not switched on.

Chandeliers can fit well into almost any room of the home, but one needs to be very careful about blending a new chandelier with existing furnishings and décor. Deciding whether you will place a chandelier over the dining table versus installed in the entryway will determine the specific type of chandelier and size you will want. Moreover, considering how far apart the chandelier of your choice should suspend from the ceiling is important as some options can hang low or are installed flush. Choose from Claxy’s extensive array of chandeliers ranging from the mid-century inspired Candlestick, Crystal, Globe Pendant, Geometric shaped, Sputnik and many more.


A chandelier foretells your sense of style. They have the ability to develop first impressions.

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