A Tiffany style lamp carefully designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio is a type of Chandelier, Wall Light, Lamp or Ceiling Light made with stained leaded glass that retains a strong global appeal since first introduced at the beginning of the 20th century.


In the 1870s, Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the man who found and established the famous jewellery chain Tiffany and Company (Tiffany & Co now), expressed a keen interest in glass making and not jewellery like his father. To work towards his passion, he started working in various glass houses and praises of his work travelled fast. President Chester. A. Arthur decided to revamp the White House’s rooms and wanted Tiffany for the job.

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Tiffany Stained Glass Colorful Semi Flush Ceiling Light

In the late 1800s, Louis constructed a factory in Queens to start producing lamps commercially. He was the first person to make the first leaded glass lamp which was gas-powered. The Tiffany Glass Company later became Tiffany Studios.

How Tiffany lamps were made?

These exquisite works of art lamps were made by drawing out a pattern on heavy weight cardboard first and then they were labelled. The glass was placed on top to trace the pattern onto the glass. Every glass piece was then independently cut by hand and were grounded to their correct & desired shape. The pieces were then cleaned thoroughly to apply the copper foil to the edges.

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Tiffany Mission Antique Brass Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Adhesive wax was then applied to adhere glass pieces together with the wood frame for a firm hold. Ultimately, after the lamp was soldered, it was cleaned once again to bring out its beauty. Some designs required a metal trim before attaching them to the base of the lamp.

How to clean Tiffany lamps?

If you own a Tiffany lamp whether a Dragonfly Tiffany, Mission Style Tiffany or a Museum Quality Tiffany lamp, cleaning them is essential to keep their beauty intact. If they are made of Tiffany stained glass, art glass or jade stone, you should not use ammonia to clean them. On the contrary, you should use a lemon oil-based furniture polish. Put the polish on a silken cloth to gently clean & wipe the lamp afterwards.

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Tiffany Stained Glass Semi flush mount Ceiling Lights with antique brass shade

If the Tiffany lamp fixture has bevelled or transparent glass, you should use a glass cleaner like Windex. A silken cloth or a feather duster should be used to clean & wipe such kind of lamps.


In present times, Tiffany lamps are made with similar meticulous attention focused on details and the process what Tiffany used to carry out back then when he initially created them. Tiffany’s range of finest lampshades exhibits a glorious harmony of diverse colours with subtle tones set in an intricate pattern. One of a kind lampshades.


We, at Claxy, strive to carry on the tradition set forth by the Tiffany studios by offering Tiffany style lighting lamps to our customers. We have various theme-inspired Tiffany Stained Glass Semi flush mount Ceiling Lights with antique brass shade, semi-gloss black finish, others dotted with crystal adornments and many more.