Light is a concept!
Light is a way!
Light is a process!

It’s a nearly unimaginable yet brilliant technique that allows us to instantly comprehend and respond promptly to the world around us.
It is also the physical stimulus that enables vision.

Primitively, there was light, natural light, Yes!
But, it wasn’t enough.
And, relying on just natural light would have left all of us in the dark. Therefore, we started manipulating it for ourselves. The several technologies that have been traditionally used in the ancient times to produce light included combustion from wood, oil and gas, arc light or illumination from electricity, and the fluorescence of minerals.

Light – brightens up a space!

Light also sets the atmosphere in a room or area while adding to the décor. Installation of lighting fixtures in all shapes, forms and sizes, is crucially important. Not only must the fixtures serve their purpose well by brilliantly illuminating your home but they also should look amazing whilst merely hung and switched off.

Lighting – is a crucial aspect of your home’s interior design. The best thing about lighting is the fact that it can instantly turn any ambiance modern & unique without remodeling the home entirely. Lighting design can transform a home for the greater good when done correctly, and the results are often stunning. Also, the importance of lighting remains undiminished. It is convenient, economical, and plentiful that is available for us just at the flip of a switch.


Geometric shapes are in!


Presently, you’ll find Geometric shapes on wallpapers, curtains, rugs and high-end luxury furniture. However, when it comes to designer lighting, Geometric shapes take their meaning in the aspects of elegant lines and usage of sleek materials for minimalist lighting. Minimalist lighting technique creates a very Scandinavian style modern home interior. Keeping your room spacious and clutter-free with a minimalist lighting approach is the perfect portrayal of the infamous proverb “less is more.”

The creative inspiration behind the geometric trend displayed in numerous lighting fixtures is to do with various angles and shapes. The light fixtures come in squares, rectangles, hexagons, circles, and more. A big geometric lighting fixture that stands out as a centerpiece or a more subtle option like a square lampshade or sphere pendant light are the ones to go for which can fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings.


Benefits of installing Geometric light fixtures:
⦁ Eye-catching designs with bold lines & intricate patterns.
⦁ Mix and match with various color tones of walls.
⦁ Option to showcase beautiful filament bulbs as many fixtures are open-style designed.
⦁ Ideal for including a modern twist to your décor.


Whether it’s swapping out materials or introducing a modern silhouette, sometimes a minute change can reinvigorate a room. Geometric shaped light fixtures provide a modern look with minimalism, and the best thing about them is that they are versatile & can adapt to every home décor perfectly.

Geometrically shaped light fixtures is an interiors-wide trend and choosing from Claxy’s extensive range is a brilliant way to experiment with the trend. The options are unlimited. Ranging from simple, understated forms to innovative designs featuring a complex array of angles and intersections. We have it all. For a modest take on the trend, opt for a piece with graceful trim lines whereas to offset a minimalistic room, go big with a sprawling statement piece.

Geometric Lighting looks great from every possible angle. So shape up your home with this emerging trend!