Ceiling lights are one of the most versatile lighting fixtures. They are adaptable to a considerable variety of spaces and design themes. In specific areas like hallways and closets usually, they serve as the only luminous source hence they should exude dazzling brightness when lit. Whereas in the bedrooms and living room area, ceiling lights can work together with decorative lamps which provide task lighting and additional ambient light.

Carefully considering the specific type, proper size and the precise placement of the ceiling lights initially to design your living space is a good idea, giving a glamorous and an artistic appeal.


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Flush mount ceiling lighting fixtures are installed directly against the ceiling without a gap. These lighting fixtures are easy to install using existing wiring and are perfect for low-ceiling rooms. These fixtures are easy to clean & maintain as the considerable gap is absent between the ceiling and the lighting fixture. Also, they don’t collect dust or insects easily. Ideal for spaces like the bedrooms, closets, hallways and kitchen.

Semi-flush ceiling lighting fixtures are installed with a ceiling canopy and a short stem in a manner that the fixture is suspended downward from the ceiling. The brilliant illumination exuding from these lighting fixtures is upwards & downwards too since a considerable gap is present between the wall ceiling and the light fixture. Ideal for spaces like the entrance, foyer, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, closets and kitchens. They are suitable for areas that require the decorative effect of a pendant light without the necessary ceiling height. For Instance – In a kitchen, these lighting fixtures are ideal as they provide generous & ambient light as well as add unique personality to the space.

A chandelier is a piece that positively enhances your existing décor or is installed to revamp your old décor reflecting your distinct personality. It is much more than just a luminous lighting source. Usually, lighting fixtures such as Chandeliers are installed in areas where their remarkable beauty is carefully observed and admired. The range is diversified with limitless designs from basic to large and from simple crystal to ornate gold. Most people think that they are installed only in either dining rooms or a foyer. Apart from the traditional chandeliers, there are some other kinds like chandeliers for low ceilings or featuring a combination of two or more types of fixtures suitable for places like kitchen, hallways and many other living areas.

  • Island and Track lighting fixtures

Track lighting and Island lighting fixtures are relatively similar as these both are designed to be installed only in specific areas. Track lighting is much more versatile functionality-wise. With adjustable and swing arms, track lighting fixtures can be easily manipulated to properly direct light to a specified area per your lighting needs. However, Island lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling predominantly have a solitary light at the end of the single stem. Their key function is to properly direct light downwards to a specified area like the kitchen island.



Size is of the utmost importance when selecting a ceiling fixture for a home as it affects both style and functionality. The size of the room influences the choice of the lighting fixture. When choosing lighting fixtures, the width and height should equally be considered.


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Width: Rule of thumb says to determine the appropriate diameter for ceiling fixtures by measuring the length and width of the area or room. Add these 2 figures together and convert the sum into inches. For instance – if your room is 10 X 12 feet, the ceiling lighting fixture should be 22 inches wide.

Height: The height dimension varies tremendously for installation of every lighting fixture. For instance – for fixtures other than flush-mount lighting fixtures the height should be at least 7-feet above the floor for optimal light and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. For every foot of ceiling height beyond 8-feet include 3-6 possible inches to the length of the chain or wire of the lighting fixture. Also, in areas where there is a table placed, the chosen lighting fixture should be installed 30-36 inches higher than the tabletop if the ceiling height is 8-foot.


The precise placement of the lighting fixture is another relevant criterion. For instance – In the dining room, installing a fixture right above the dining table will provide ample illumination, similarly for the living room, foyer or hallways. Ceiling lights adequately provide reliable illumination for any room when and if chosen appropriately and smartly.

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