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Lights – a single term so underrated yet reasonably demanded. We are dependent on dazzling lights for every minuscule task and necessary chore of our life. From depending on natural light to dictate our sleep & work routines to incorporating advanced forms of lighting in your home by properly installing various fixtures in each room or area. We want it all. Lighting plays a significant role in not only upping the glam quotient but also in accurately defining a home’s unique aesthetics.

Wall lighting fixtures are an excellent source of Ambient lighting. If you’re looking for a minimalistic, yet elegant design, pairing other wall lighting fixtures with wall sconces is an excellent idea to brilliantly illuminate spaces for much-needed Task lighting. Wall sconces are available in many modern designs, intricate patterns, and unique styles. They are equally good for adequately providing Accent lighting to create a cozy ambiance. 

For instance – Horizontal & Geometric designs that offer both uplighting and downlighting are perfect. They provide both Accent and Ambient lighting respectively whilst including a contemporary decorative element to your home.

Moreover, you have to remember that no two rooms require the same mood & ambiance hence you have to tread carefully and choose the fixtures accordingly. 

What determines the Placement of the Wall Sconces?

  • Distance from the ceiling.

Placement of the wall sconces is essential. There are two ways to accurately determine the placement of these fixtures:

  • Install wall sconces from 66 to 74 inches approximately above the finished floor level for walls that are 8 feet in height (from finished floor to the ceiling).
  • From the top of a window in the area, measure down 6 inches and then use that as your mounting height for all the wall sconces in the room. 
  • For uplight sconces, at least 12 inches but not more than 36 inches between the wall sconce and the ceiling should be there.


  • Height of the family member.

You could also try getting the wall sconces installed according to the average height of your family members. For instance – If the average height is about 5-6 ft then the proper placement could be a little lower and a little higher if the average height of the family members is over 6ft.

How should Wall Sconces be placed Area-wise?

  • Living Room, Hallways & Entryways

In Living rooms, Hallways & Entryways, these general rules apply:

  • Wall Sconces should be installed approximately 60-72 inches from the finished floor level. For vaulted ceilings, these lights should be placed at 66–72 inches from the floor level. If you want to go more aloft, be sure to consider the window frame height.
  • If you want to install more than one, then at least 6 feet of space should be there in-between the two wall sconces. If your space is large, go with 8 –10 feet.
  • There should customarily be a distance of at least 6 inches from door and window frames to the edge of the fixture’s canopy when installing the wall sconces.

Placement of the Glass Wall Sconces also depends on the other architectural features like vaulted ceilings, doorways and many more such features.

  • Bedrooms

When it comes to the placement of Wall Sconces in a bedroom, it’s all about accurately determining the proper location based on specific functionality.

For instance – If you love to read a few pages before sleeping at night, you want to switch on and off or properly adjust the light (if the sconce is multi-directional) comfortably at an arm’s length without getting up. Then, we at Claxy suggest installing the wall sconces of your choice at the height and place by accurately measuring a few possible inches above your shoulder while in the resting position. 

Usually, this height comes out being at 5 feet above the ground. However, the bed height varies as per your distinctive style, comfort and height therefore the proper placement of the wall sconce is directly proportional to the bed height.

  • Bathrooms

There are many possible ways to install wall sconces in a bathroom and that depends on your personal preferences. When it comes down to the bathroom, the more the merrier. 

We at Claxy suggest placing wall sconces near a mirror placed in the bathroom as task lighting. When installing sconces on either side of the vanity, it is considered good to properly install bathroom sconces between 60-65 inches from the floor. If you decide to place a wall sconce above the mirror, we recommend placing between 75-80 inches approximately above the ground. This measurement also depends on where the mirror is placed. 

  • Kitchen

Ample brightness is crucial in this area for cutting & chopping, preparing the meals and all the other kitchen chores. We at Claxy suggest complementing the wall sconces with the other wall lighting fixtures like flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights. When properly installing the lighting fixtures for task lighting, usually you should measure 60 inches above the finished floor or a necessary minimum of 24 inches from the kitchen countertop.

Proper lighting needs often get neglected as home-owners think about other teeny-tiny aesthetically appealing aspects of home-decor. But interior designers and lighting experts know how important it is to highlight the diverse elements of décor. Wall sconces are extremely versatile fixtures that additionally provide Accent lighting for other spaces like Dining rooms, Reading nooks, Mudrooms, and Porches. 

Moreover, it is considered good to acknowledge the importance of proper placement and utilization of ceiling lighting fixtures like wall sconces for a home that ultimately lights up your life.

We at Claxy encourage you to get creative – have fun with these lighting fixtures and don’t limit yourself to the traditional norms.

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