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Fantastic Living Room Drum Chandeliers for Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Fantastic Living Room Drum Chandeliers for Your Home


Most often, lights hidden on room corners get much attention. Therefore, some people buy chandeliers to show off their homes. They make the home look pretty and functional. Dazzling living room chandeliers will make your living room look adorable. These fixtures are categorized into different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. Besides that, it brings a good environment for family gatherings. You will never go wrong by choosing this type of fixture. Consider living room drum chandeliers if bowl shape pendant or traditional does not fit your living room. Take a look at the reasons why the chandeliers are suitable for the living room.



Visual Appeal


The living room requires lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere, especially for visitors. Lighting is not only about visual attraction but with appealing looks that meet our needs. Living room drum chandeliers illuminate enough light to all dark corners. They blend well with all furniture and bring elegance. Even though most of them are flexible when it comes to colors, choose the perfect match. This mixture will give ambiance and focused light based on the position. Use this classic drum lights to enhance living space.


Focused Lighting


Living room drum chandeliers give space consciousness and innate. This is something every homeowner desires. On the other hand, the table lamp is lovely and gives the same lighting but will take a lot of space. Drum fixture is large enough will light up your darkroom interior without occupying floor space. Hanging your chandelier on the ceiling brings focused lighting. You can buy more drum lights to bring ambient lighting or stick to one, which gives the illumination layer.



Accent Lighting


If you need accent lighting, go for drum pendants. They are able to grab attention as well as the focal point. For this reason, they have become popular lights for living space. Hang the stylish light at the center and notice a different mode of setting.


Create Contrast


Designers across the globe install lighting that bring a combination of color, styles, and patterns. You can choose the color matching with your existing furniture but still go the extra mile. For example, neutral interior styles can look amazing with superior dark-colored living room drum chandeliers. In a similar manner, the green, yellow, or red accent will look appealing with drum chandelier. In addition, you can go for pendants with prints and patterns if you love an eclectic look.



Artistic Designs


Pendant lights have progressed from basic to more artistic designs. Drum fixtures are also following the trend. Choose the correct size, which is not too small or too large for your space. It is fun to introduce drum to your house, make sure you maintain symmetry and visual balance.


Best for High Ceiling


Living room drum chandeliers are suspended, thus suitable for high ceiling. Most living spaces have a high ceiling that needs a hanging fixture. Moreover, it is applicable to areas with ceilings that have exposed rafters and roof beams. In most cases, such ceilings do not have boards for mounting on lights. Thanks to drum chandeliers because they are a solution to such potential issues.


Regulate Light


They are designed with a round like a band that bears the term "drum." It serves as a diffuser for regulating the amount of lighting coming from the chandelier.



Best Drum Chandeliers for Living Room


Here are examples of best-rated living room drum chandeliers; however, the list is endless.


Historic Clapboard Hill


Such living room drum chandeliers come in pairs or in trio and will look perfect in the center of your living room.


Brettkelly Residence


Brettkelly residence is one of the cutest drum chandeliers that complement any décor.


Mascoma Street


Mascoma’s living room drum chandeliers are quite fascinating; they bring a sense of style. The design and color of the fixture match perfectly with furniture colors. Also, the white finish complements floor as well as walls color.


Sunrise Harbor


Sunrise harbor’s living room drum chandeliers will make your space look fancy. The neat lighting fixture blends with furniture. It brings a comfortable atmosphere for family and friends during a get-together.



Wandsworth Home


It is best for a living room that is large with less furniture. Wandsworth brings a comfortable and contemporary look. Therefore, if white is your favorite color, then Wandsworth is worth buying.


Ny Residence


Take your home to another level with NY residence. It stands out in any décor. Your living room will look amazing at every angle.


Nature-inspired Home Remodel


Its living room drum chandeliers are perfect for both small and large sitting area. Naturally inspired chandelier blends with furniture in your space.




The Black and white setting of a living room gives a classic look. The appearance can be made elegance with a black chandelier. Greenbrae’s living room drum chandeliers will attract your visitor’s attention.



Greenwich Home


Greenwich is one of the eye-catching drum chandeliers. It brings a pretty contrast with the color of the ceiling, walls, and furniture. You can also decide to make your fire point black and white to bring the classic appearance.


Andy Berman Residence


Andy Berman’s living room drum chandeliers have a black design to complement all types of furniture. Therefore, you will not be worried about matching.


Electic Collection


This shiny electric chandelier has the best material and color that will stand out in your living room. Put in the middle of your space to create a shiny look.


Scarsdale Home


Adding decoration will make your space look great. Picking the correct furniture with a touch of Scarsdale’s living room drum chandeliers will stand out.



Sea Captain


The chandelier is designed in a way that it appears in twos. Sea captain has a transparent color for any furnishings in your space.


Somerly Clubroom


This superior drum fixture is cool. It matches will all fabric because the somber clubroom has a universal color.


Converted Carriage House


This is a gorgeous living room drum chandelier that has a fascinating color and design. Converted carriages go together with the color of furnishings and floor.



Final Thoughts


Living room drum chandeliers are frequently installed in the dining room and kitchen. Nevertheless, this chandelier can be put anywhere in the house and will still look great. If installed in the living room, drum chandeliers are functional and flexible. It gives a unique design to your living space. Replace that ceiling light by introducing something stylish. Drum chandeliers are not only for decoration but also functional. It will hang to a level that enough light will get to your area. Also, the opaque diffuser is meant to reflect light outside.


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