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Chandeliers have always been in fashion and never go out of style. Wondering why? Chandeliers can always add ample light and drama to any of your rooms. Chandeliers make an aesthetic and classic statement. They used to be considered luxury items only affordable by a few, but they have now become much more affordable.

The best thing about the chandeliers is, they can fit in almost any space in your house. You can buy them for your entrance, hallways, dining area, or even your bathroom. They always bring out a character and personality. Chandeliers in fashion come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes which means you can surely find the right one for your home, regardless of the decorating style of your home.

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Does Chandelier Still Work in 2020?

Chandeliers still outperform those boring ceiling-mounted lights and have become the hottest lighting trend in recent years

Why are Chandeliers Still the Talk of the Town?

The main reason that has made chandeliers a popular decorative lighting piece is that unlike the notorious ceiling bulb or side lamps, they seamlessly blend into your rooms. They showcase your refined taste and create an enchanting and pleasant atmosphere.

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Types of Modern Chandeliers That are Popular Today

Nowadays chandeliers in fashion feature a myriad of fantastic designs and styles, so it will be a little bit hard for you to choose the right thing. Sharing some of the most popular types of chandeliers may give you some brilliant ideas to determine which one is ideal for your home.

          1. Candle-style:

          If you want to create a nostalgic look in your home, these candle-style chandeliers can bring out the old world charm. They come in an              assortment of materials and styles either flaunting faux candle holders or candelabra-inspired bulbs.

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          2. Shaded: 

          If you are looking for shady and dim lighting to create a romantic ambiance, shaded chandeliers are what you need. Shaded chandeliers              are fitted with down facing shades and sport fluted or clear crystal accents.

          3. Drum: 

          Drum chandeliers are the types that show off multiple or single lamp shade. Just like others, they are available in different styles and                  materials.

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          4. Crystal:

          Crystal chandeliers are always loved by most homeowners, due to their sparkling, spotless eye-catching look. By illuminating your space            with crystal chandeliers, you can instantly transform a bland home decor design into a sleek chic style. Their glamorous look is definitely              well worth the price.

          5. Sputnik: 

          Being space-inspired, sputnik chandeliers display multiple arms extending from a center sphere with geometric light bulbs at their tips.                Resembling a stellar explosion, their futuristic look can give your home decors a playful, contemporary update and provide depth and                    dimension to your home.

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         6. Square or Rectangle:

         Geometric forms are also making their way to the chandelier category. Geometric chandeliers crafted of metal or wood add a subtle and               whimsical look while displaying the beauty of geometry.

         7. Wagon Wheel: 

         These chandeliers are fitted with the bulbs arranged symmetrically along the simple and sleek metallic rounded frames. They offer a subtle           look and also bring a farmhouse touch to your interior.

         8. Lantern:

         Lantern chandeliers’ airy open cage design is a perfect combination of modern elements with vintage styles. They are the more elegant             versions of the geometric variety.

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We have discussed the chandelier in fashion featuring the most awe-inspiring looks, but there are still a lot more to talk about when it comes to its shapes, finishes, material, lighting styles, and functions. Before buying a chandelier for your home, go through all the designs and types and pick the one that works beautifully with your décor and style.

Pro Tip: Lighting Direction also Matters in Choosing the Chandelier Styles

Most chandeliers in fashion we have seen are uplights with all the light bulbs pointing up. However, chandeliers with different lighting directions are also quite popular.

         a.     Uplight Chandeliers: Ones with bulbs pointing towards the ceiling create a softer and more relaxing mood than downlights.

         b.     Downlight Chandeliers: Just like the uplights, they are best for the rooms where direct and focused light is required.

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Other details to keep in mind while choosing your favorite chandelier for your house are the ceiling height and brightness level.

Ceiling Height – It is not a smart idea to pick a big chandelier for your low ceiling since it will overwhelm the space. Figuring out the ideal chandelier size and hanging height will serve to make a stunning statement that you will cherish always.

Brightness Level – Estimate your lighting needs and the ideal level of brightness for a specific area in your home when you are planning to buy a chandelier. In case you purchase a chandelier with a dim light for your living room, it will not bring out the drama you expect.

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Who doesn’t love to wow their guests? Chandeliers will never let you down with their traditional charm and classic look. Every style of chandelier can add an element of glamour and drama to your home decors.