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Why Should You Join the Claxy
Affiliate Program?

Partner with Claxy—a large online retailer of lighting fixtures—and add a steady revenue stream for yourself. Our exquisite range of l ight fixtures practically sell themselves; all you have to do is give a slight nudge and send relevant people to our website.

Here are all the details about the Claxy affiliate program:

High Commission Rate -
Earn a 10% commission per sale.

30-Day Cookie - Earn from sales made within 30 days of clicking on your link.

Lucrative Deals - Weekly deals, offers, coupons, and promotions.

Automated Payments - Get automatic monthly payouts without any delays.

Analytics - Get real-time sales reporting and analytics data via FlexOffers.

24/7 Support - Get dedicated support to find keywords and answers to queries.

Sign up for the Claxy affiliate program and start earning money simply by adding links in exciting and fresh content on your website or other platforms.

Claxy offers the best-in-class commission rates in the industry.

How Much Money Can You
Make With Claxy?

Claxy offers an unlimited earning potential and you can earn as much
commission as the number of sales you make.

Start Making Money Now!

How Does it Work?

Claxy’s affiliate program is extremely easy to join and earn money from.

Join Our Affiliate Program

Read the requirements for affiliates and sign up for our affiliate program if you think you have what it takes to be our affiliate.

Start Promoting Claxy

Use your unique affiliate link to promote Claxy and its products on your website, through emails, ads, social media posts, and other online content.

Earn Sales Commissions

Earn a 10% commission every time someone you sent to our website makes a purchase, within 30 days of your referral.

Claxy affiliate program is simple, fuss-free, and an easy way to earn some extra money while helping your
audience find amazing products.

Become a Claxy Affiliate

Why Choose the Claxy
Affiliate Program?

We offer best-in-class affiliate commissions and offers that you simply
can not ignore. Become an affiliate to earn the rewards.

High commission
rate (10%)

Instant earning


No joining

cookie policy


When you become an affiliate, you will get all the support you need to
effectively promote Claxy and earn commissions.

Start Earning Today!

About Claxy

Claxy is a one-stop retail destination for lighting fixtures of all types. From exquisite antique chandeliers to functional, contemporary lighting fixtures, it has a vast range of products to offer.

Products offered by Claxy come with various price tags from as low as $39 for a basic lamp to as high as $699 for a crystal chandelier. The average order value, however, is around the $100 mark.

So, if you become a Claxy affiliate, you can expect to earn $10 per sale, on an average.

Sounds exciting?

Join the Claxy affiliate program now.

Make Money with Claxy

Do You Have What it Takes to
Be a Claxy Affiliate?

We like to associate ourselves only with genuine website owners and marketers within our niche who can help us reach a relevant target audience.

Our affiliate program is free to join, but we are sort of picky about who we work with.

What We Want What We Don't Want
Relevant websites within our niche with a decent monthly web traffic. Coupon websites or incentive-only websites that promote any product.
Companies with teams who can create high-quality content to promote Claxy. Spammy websites that post excessive banner ads without supporting content.
Websites that have a strong SEO presence for keywords in our niche. Irrelevant websites with no value-adding content that caters to our target audience.

If you think you fit the criteria and can have a mutually-beneficial partnership with Claxy, sign-up for the Claxy affiliate program.

Join the Claxy Affiliate Program


1. What is the Claxy affiliate program?

It is a way for you to earn commission by promoting Claxy on various platforms through your unique affiliate link. For each person who comes to the Claxy website using your link and makes a purchase, you will earn 10% of the income generated from the respective sales.

2. Why should I join the Claxy affiliate program?

Claxy’s affiliate program is a quick and easy way to earn some extra income, without putting in too much effort. You can simply add your affiliate link in your blog posts, emails, banner ads, etc. and start earning right away.

3. Do I need to pay something to become an affiliate?

No, it is completely free to sign up for the Claxy affiliate program and start earning from it.

4. How much can I earn through this affiliate program?

You will get a commission of 10% per sale.

5. What would I have to do if I become an affiliate?

You will have to promote Claxy and its products with an aim to generate more sales.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Add your affiliate link to existing posts on your website.
  • Create product review, comparison, or listicle posts to promote Claxy’s products using your affiliate link.
  • Send emails to your subscribers about Claxy’s products and add your affiliate link.
  • Place banner ads on your website to promote Claxy.
  • Create and share content on practically any platform and add your affiliate link.
6. How can I sign-up for this affiliate program?

Simply click on the sign up button below and fill in your details to become an affiliate. Please note that we reserve the right to not accept certain applications, if they do not meet our criteria.

Contact Form

Fill out the form below to sign up for the affiliate program.

    Note: We respect your privacy and don’t spam. Please provide correct details to get selected as an affiliate.

    Partner with Claxy and Start Earning

    Become an affiliate for Claxy and start earning from each sale that you help us generate. Join our affiliate
    program for free and start earning now.

    Start Earning As an Affiliate
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